blocher partners india

holistic strategies, customized concepts: teamwork as the key to success, the best from east and west

Since its foundation in 2009, our Indian branch based in Ahmedabad has been pursuing a holistic approach: We look beyond the end of our nose, consider the entire development process instead of just the architectural concept, and develop holistic strategies - from the initial concept to realization. In this way, we find the best solution for each client - tailored to their specific needs. We plan and realize commercial buildings, shopping malls, mixed-use projects, educational institutions as well as private residences up to hotels and vacation resorts.

We are always committed to ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. From the outset, we integrate energy efficiency measures and principles of ecologically compatible construction into our planning and respond to local conditions on site.

Our key to success is teamwork. Architects and project managers work closely with our clients - consistently and reliably, yet always flexibly. At the same time, we bring together the best of East and West.

This approach has already won over leading Asian companies such as the Phoenix Group, Woodland, Ace Turtle, Plasser India Pvt Ltd, the Adami Group as well as the Goethe Institute and FLAME University.


  • Rethinking The Future Awards 2020 (Third Award) — Mondeal Heights — Ahmedabad — 2020
  • Trends Excellence Award (Commercial project of 2019) — Mondeal Heights — Ahmedabad — 2020
  • Realty+ Excellence Award: Architectural Design of the Year — Skydeck Select — Ahmedabad — 2019
  • German Design Award (Winner) — Department Store Parkson — Kuala Lumpur — 2018
  • VM&RD Award — Bangalore Central — Bangalore — 2016
  • German Design Award — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad — 2015
  • Iconic Award — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad — 2015
  • International Design Award — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad (First Prize) — 2015
  • Estate Awards by Franchise India — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad (Innovative Design) — 2015
  • Lighting Design Awards — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad — 2014
  • CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards — Mondeal Square — Ahmedabad — 2014
  • VM&RD Award — Mondeal Retail Park — Ahmedabad — 2014
  • Iconic Award — Mondeal Retail Park — Ahmedabad — 2013
  • Retail Excellence Award (Asia Retail Conference) — Blocher Blocher India — 2012
  • VM&RD Award — Planet Sports — Delhi (Best Sports Store) — 2012