communication agency for property, brand, space: create identity & orientation

We connect people, space, movement, environment. Conceptual. Creative. Economical.

  • real estate marketing
  • branding
  • guidance & orientation systems
  • communication strategies & workshops
  • 3D tours
  • image movies & product videos
  • strategy + conception
  • naming + corporate language
  • communication in space
  • public relations
  • corporate design & corporate communication

Communication for space creates space for communication

As part of the blocher family of companies, we jointly bring projects to fruition that encompass architecture, interior design, and real estate marketing, including guidance and orientation systems, naming and branding as well as corporate design and public relations. We also support blocher partners in all facets of corporate communications, from traditional and social media on up to website support. Depending on the project, our editorial and graphic design teams can craft everything from yearbooks to stands for trade fairs. Likewise, we compose the texts for all brochures, presentations for lectures and publications.

After all, thanks in large part to our history in the blocher partners family, we know how spaces take shape and function. We see it as our calling, as communications specialists in the field of real estate and construction, to bring these concepts to life through words and images.

Our goal: to create a clear line of communication for you. We create visibility for your brand and enhance its emotional impact. Introduce your company and its corporate identity

We advise in workshops, develop communication and design strategies and coordinate all measures under one guiding concept.

Branding & storytelling for your property

Increase your property’s attractiveness with the right branding & naming. Ensure identification on the part of the consumer and differentiation from the competition. Authentic, unique and charming.

Guidance and orientation systems

We give you what you need to represent your company visually in public spaces. The tools: colorful accents, clear fonts, analog and digital elements, lighting and markings. The approach: consulting, conception, analysis, design, system development, realization and optimization.

Credibility through public relations

We build trust and a positive image. We support and advise you in reaching out to your customers using several channels simultaneously. Together, we not only communicate about themes: We also create them, using messages that are relevant to your target audience.

Communication in space

Whether in workspaces, in retail, in trade fairs or in the public square, we always bring design in space to bear where the customer, the employee or the passerby encounter the brand in real space. This design can serve as inspiration, but it can simply provide orientation. One thing it always does is become integrated naturally into architecture and interior design, picking up on the dynamic of its environment and inspiring enthusiasm for a brand.