We create vibrant surroundings that promote interaction and communication between people

Our spaces are based on experience design, which makes users’ (emotional) experiences the main focus of the design process.

An open state of mind also allows scope for surprising results

A close network of individual disciplines and interdisciplinary teams create a sufficient variety of solutions. Each and every project demands an individual approach, which we pursue holistically. We adopt a strategy with regard to our designs, taking economic, ecological, and socio-cultural factors just as much into account as formal and temporal ones. That puts us in a position to devise concepts with different priorities and advise clients such that they achieve their objectives.

Our formal approach is not an end in itself, but rather evolves specifically from each design process

We place great importance on the structure of a building; this organizes its interior and integrates the edifice intelligently in its surroundings. Design and realization teams work hand in hand until a project is completed. Planning objectives are internalized and adhered to. This means clients can rely on us completing projects on time and on budget.

We do not build with a quick impact in mind. From the outset, our buildings are conceived sustainably, and function long term.

Our own in-house German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) auditors offer advice and conduct DGNB certification. The basis for our structures having a long life cycle is in particular architecture that is touching, that appeals to the emotions and delivers buildings in which users feel comfortable.