general planning

holistic support for all architectural and engineering services as well as service phases

A complete one-stop planning service

Simplify complex procedures

  • Risk Management
  • Controlling
  • Moderation
  • Claim Management
  • Projekt Organization
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Qualilty Management
  • Documentation
  • Contracting
  • Scheduling
  • Interfaces

Project Management

  • Continuous target-performance comparison
  • Critical path: identifying the decisive steps that lead to goal achievement
  • Continuous coordination and optimization
  • Reporting

Higher-level project control

From both a professional and technical point of view, the requirements for building projects are becoming increasingly complex. Hence well-thought-out construction planning, combining the expertise of many different fields, is now necessary. In this context, a strong and transparent project management is indispensable.


Many clients want things to be simple. They wish to concentrate on essential tasks and results. As general planners, we deliver all planning services and take responsibility for interfaces as well. We are a single-source provider of all core competencies, supporting and taking a load off our clients.


By coordinating an effective interaction of all project participants, we ensure a seamless project development. We act not only as the sole contacts but also as the sole contract partners, thus assuming overall responsibility.


Successful projects thrive on clear targets, trust and communication. Our goal is to develop sustainable solutions. As general planners, we offer our clients the entire range of planning services. In this way, we benefit from our network as well as from our transdisciplinary team of experienced architects, interior designers and project managers.

— We see your projects through the eyes of the client.

Our expert Frank Hoekstra

»The demand for single-source planning services is constantly growing, and projects are becoming increasingly complex. At blocher partners, a distinctive, broadly based transdisciplinary expertise already covers many areas. Through the new addition in the general-planning area, other experts can be involved even earlier and more intensively. The greatest potential for future tasks lies in the successful cooperation between the planners and the trust-based contacts with clients. As general planners, we have a significantly larger impact on the quality of the overall project.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages for both the client and the object planner. As an architecture firm, we can draw on a proven network of reliable technical planners, with whom we work successfully. Our passion is to mediate between object planning and technical planning as well as between the companies carrying out the work and the clients.

The general planning does not just increase our firm’s competitiveness. As general planners, we relieve the client of a large part of the administrative and coordinative tasks: To ensure that the project runs smoothly, we manage interfaces, coordinate deadlines, costs and contracts and moderate between the various involved parties. This holistic overview and way of thinking is an ideal addition to blocher partners’ transdisciplinary approach.«

By assembling a qualified team, we ensure the success of your building project.

Central coordinator: We take over the direction
From the very start, we plan, supervise and direct all phases of your construction project. We take care of all organizational, technical and communicative challenges that arise in the course of long-term, complex building projects.

In addition, the general planner directly hires the necessary specialists for structural planning, technical building equipment, fire protection, sound insulation, room acoustics, open-space planning as well as expert evaluations and certifications. This greatly reduces the interfaces between the builder and the client, allowing resources to be saved. Necessary decisions by the client are coordinated efficiently and integrated in a timely manner.


As the general planner, we take over all technical and contractual tasks within the project team and integrate them into an overall concept. Thus blocher partners’ general planning pursues the common interest in a successful, needs-based architecture in the interface between costs, deadlines, qualities and stakeholders.

Advantages of general planning

Architectural know-how, structure and control
Compared to the classic individual assignment of tasks, general planning has clear advantages for the client. Save time and reduce your stress: As the sole negotiating partner, we give you optimal relief from planning the individual steps and making the administrative effort of coordination. Rely on our decision-making ability.
The role of general planner also has advantages for the architect, giving him or her more influence on the overall planning. This authority brings with it greater certainty regarding costs, deadlines and quality. In addition, the architect can freely determine his or her personal contributions and the choice of subcontractors, while also bearing added risk in the execution.

Successful projects

We stand for a cost-effective, on-schedule project implementation. From the original idea to the completion of a project, we support our clients efficiently and holistically. The strong networks between our different locations as well as our expertise with large and complex construction projects provide the basis for your project’s success. The blocher partners group binds together these individual aspects of know-how, and the cooperation among the companies that form the group allows us to guarantee competent advice and the highest level of planning security.

Benefit from the seamless interlinking of design, planning, project management and controlling.

Our many years of expertise in the area of object planning serves as a sound basis for our holistic general-planning quality standards.