general planning

One-stop planning service

Successful projects thrive on clear targets, trust, and communication. Our goal is to develop long-term sustainable solutions. As general planners, we offer our clients the entire range of planning services from a single source. In doing so, we benefit from our network and our transdisciplinary team of experienced architects, interior designers, and project managers.

We view your projects from the perspective of the client

As general planners, we relieve our clients of a large portion of administrative and coordination tasks. We take on the coordination of interfaces, scheduling, cost management, contract management, and act as mediators between various stakeholders. This holistic approach is an ideal complement to blocher partners' transdisciplinary work style.

Central coordination hub

In our role as general planners, we handle all technical and contract-related tasks within the project team and integrate them into a comprehensive concept. blocher partners General Planning pursues the common goal of achieving successful and tailored architecture within the framework of costs, schedules, quality, and stakeholder needs.

Decision-making authority

There are numerous advantages for both the client and the project planner. As an architectural firm, we can rely on a proven network of dependable specialists with whom we collaborate successfully. Our passion lies in ensuring effective communication between project planning, specialist planning, executing companies, and clients. Necessary decisions by the client are coordinated and implemented in a timely manner.

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