We create spaces for communication

typenraum develops brand communication in direct contact with clients and customers – we advise brands and companies strategically and purposefully on how best to pursue their goals: structurally and formally, digitally and analogically. We work analytically and in a transdisciplinary structure. We link physical and virtual space such that it can be experienced as one.

It all begins with curiosity

We observe. We aim to understand our clients’ relationship with their customers, so as to improve it. To this end we ask questions. Lots of questions. We look beyond the formal brief, at structures and opportunities. Because we want to recognize contexts before giving answers. Strategy, design, copy, philosophy, sociology, market research and analytics intertwine.

We open thinking spaces

We sometimes throw overboard what has been tried and tested, while sometimes precisely that is an important part of the answer. This way we extend a brand’s possibilities for communication; so that it can feature its ideas and goals in as many media as possible: from copy to video message. From viral PR to printed book. From guidance system to tweet. Together with our clients we choose a symphony of harmonious media: the right mixture. At the right time.


brand communication and design from blocher partners

— m i s s i o n
»A brand needs character,
character needs creativity,
creativity needs space«.

The internet and social media demand corporations and brands to be interchangeable. — »Reinvent yourself constantly«. — This demand transforms the dialog of all participants: venture, brand, product, distribution, touchpoints, client. At typenraum, we consider this »holistic communication«.

We analyse and advise

We offer change management — from workshops to creative design for what it takes to communicate: modular connections. — We connect media und participants: analog and digital, reactive and proactive, notional and emotional. — We communicate for corporations, brands, retail and culture. Passionately. Together.

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