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Welcome to the corporate group: blocher partners sustain

Sustainable construction is at the heart of blocher partners' corporate philosophy. We have launched blocher partners sustain in order to do justice to this claim in detail and to further expand the expertise of the transdisciplinary planning office. Our new subsidiary will focus on consultancy services relating to sustainable construction, supporting our projects internally, setting standards, raising awareness among clients and developing optimization proposals, as well as offering its services freely on the external market.

For this important area, we have gained an expert who has known our company for many years: Pascale Hein manages the new business division. She began her professional career as an architect in 2010 with an AIP at blocher partners. After working in India and Oman, she focused on sustainable construction and was able to acquire a wide range of expertise in this area during her time at the German Sustainable Building Council.

blocher partners sustain will ensure that sustainability strategies are applied and implemented within the company.The services range from the implementation of the sustainability phase and certification to the creation of climate protection roadmaps and life cycle assessments. Funding advice, workshops and training for building owners, project developers and investors are also part of the service.

Erik Schimkat at the TW Summit

Erik Schimkat, Managing Partner blocher partners sens, will be a speaker at the TW Summit in Dusseldorf on November 29, the new strategy congress for the fashion industry, organized for the first time by TextilWirtschaft. In his keynote speech »Collective Individualism« he will explain why the view of many makes retail better.