The Architecture of Social, Trade and Semiotic Space

we design and construct within and(!) beyond disciplines.
This is where space starts, with »and«: by connecting experiences.

Whether it is architecture, interior design, communication design, retail design, retail consulting or product design

— each project follows from creative connections of different concepts, methods and theories. We consider this transcreation: connecting the different languages of disciplines, objects, environments and audiences to prompt cultural and entrepreneurial relevance.


Realty+ Excellence Award for Skydeck Select

The new residential tower ensemble Skydeck Select in Ahmedabad which was planned our architects, recieved the Realty+ Excellence Award for Architectural Design of the year. Hartmut Wurster, Head of blocher partners india, attended the award ceremony.

Wolfgang Mairinger at Immobiliendialog Rhein-Neckar

How do the changes in the retail sector affect our cities? To discuss this question, a dialogue among experts took place at the Immobiliendialog Rhein-Neckar. For blocher partners, Senior Partner Wolfgang Mairinger took part in the discussion.

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