Overall conception, editorial, layout and realisation — 240 pages — 01.2020 — blocher partners

30 Years of the Architecture of Spaces

Introducing the new yearbook of our architecture and design firm: hardcover, 240 pages, neon-glossy with a metallic sheen. It reaches new heights. And why not? After all, we are marking our 30th anniversary. What better reason to look back and take stock? But we’re doing more than just documenting past projects.

In addition to summarizing milestones, the yearbook presents four overarching features that reflect on social, political and cultural changes that impact our work on and with spaces, providing them with a context in their interplay. Changes that inevitably link past and present, that shape our reality. And the fifth essay brings us to the solution that blocher partners represents: transdisciplinarity.

Change is determined by more than just political and social factors. It is also – and primarily – reflected in the spaces that surround us every day: in their architecture and interior design, in urban spaces and in the countryside, in the private and public spheres. Since 1989, blocher partners has been building connections and creating holistic experience concepts. With people. As “the connecting architects.”

In appreciation, the book also dedicates space to our employees: Over several pages, we share images from our summer festivities marking the firm’s 30th year, which brought together our entire staff and their families. Last but not least, the book exemplifies the transdisciplinary character of blocher partners: Our own sister company, the communications agency typenraum, is responsible for the yearbook: from concept and graphics to editing, object photography and design.

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