Corporate Design — Henschel Darmstadt GmbH — Marktplatz 2, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Introducing: Henschel

Concise name, architectural attention-getters, modern retail spaces. Modehaus Henschel makes a brand new entrance since April 2013. Blocher Blocher View planned and implemented the graphical brand appearance that accompanied the conversion by Blocher Blocher Partners. They singled out the Henschel capital as a calligraphic sign and placed it in front of the location line. The new corporate design achieves a total brand presence. Since 2011 blocher partners has been collaborating with Henschel. Its accomplishments include the modernization at the Heidelberg location.

The reworked logo and the strong, primary colour – a dark red that verges on violet – communicate the new Henschel spirit on such items as stationery and business cards, website and retail graphics. It's a confident gesture to customers, underscoring both the Henschel Modehaus tradition and the company's passion for progress.

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