Overall conception, editorial, layout and realisation — 12.2017

One year in three books

The most important projects of 2017 for blocher partners architects and interior designers have been collected in three books, representing the fields of “social,” “trade” and “semiotic culture.” Behind these volumes is the communications agency typenraum, which contributed conceptual and strategic consulting, editorial work, object photography and design. Located in-house, the agency’s knowledge and skills are a boon to blocher partners and their clients.

With its beautiful look and feel, thanks to a high-quality cover, uncoated paper, reserved colours with bright accents, embossing and graphic patterns, the blocher partners Yearbook 2017 takes the reader on a world journey.

From political buildings such as the new Parliament in the German state of Lower Saxony and City Hall in Heidelberg, to exclusive office complexes in India, to luxury apartments in the Philippines and a versatile branch concept for Lidl in Neckarsulm complete with residential units, the current yearbook presents a smorgasbord of impressive projects. Readers also learn about the latest trends and designs from blocher partners in the fields of interior design, retail consulting and product design; and they will be inspired by a multitude of professional illustrations.

In the third volume, “Semiotic Culture,” typenraum presents its own projects, proof that digital communication and technological interlocking should receive more attention in balanced brand statics. In addition to an interview with Managing Director Angela Kreutz about the Customer Journey, the volume offers insights into corporate identity concepts for the office designer Leonhard or the Odel Mall in Sri Lanka. Retail graphics are represented by the sporting goods manufacturer SportScheck, while branding and design with logo and key visuals were designed for a capsule collection of the Fraas fashion label.

Diversity is a unique selling point for blocher partners: architecture, interior design, design and communication, plus three locations and 160 employees whose creative potential combine into an impressive whole. A year of diverse projects is laid out in this illustrated annual publication, with stories that inspire reflection and creative thinking.

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