Overall concept, editing, design and realization — 176 pages — December 2023 — blocher partners

»Learning to learn«

Under the motto »Learning to learn« our Yearbook 2023 explores the methodology of Artificial Intelligence, which continuously learns with each inputted piece of information. In addition to providing an overview of our current projects, various contributions explore this theme, offering a glimpse into the future. What will move us the day after tomorrow?

For many years, we have been discussing the sustainability of our cities – a topic that has gained momentum due to changing environmental conditions and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The transformation of our cities and society requires a comprehensive transfer of knowledge from experts in various fields. Shaping the future together and actively participating in change should be our collective goal.

Building on our core competencies in architecture and interior design, we have consistently evolved into a transdisciplinary working group. Since November, blocher partners sustain has expanded our transdisciplinary approach to a holistic examination of real estate throughout its entire lifecycle. This includes not only consulting on sustainable planning and construction but also the dissemination of relevant knowledge. »Learning to learn« is the key to adapting and succeeding in a world characterized by continuous change.

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