Corporate Identity

typenraum has developed the corporate identity for the mixed-used complex Odel Mall that is currently being built in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Not only is the CI reflected in the mall’s furnishings; it also shapes the entire cosmos of the project. That includes the graphic design in public areas and the department store, as well as in the Internet presence and in marketing tools such as books or movies. Since 2011, blocher partners has been collaboration with Odel. Its accomplishments include the new construction of a mixed-used mall with apartments, multiplex cinema and restaurants.

Odel Ward Place is the next logical step in the enhancement process of Sri Lanka’s ambitious capital city. This shining new gem in the heart of the city combines shopping in the new Odel Mall with wellness attractions, entertainment, fine cuisine, and exclusive luxury living that spans 60,000 square meters.

A complete makeover of the company’s image

The communications experts at typenraum are eager to put their creative pen to paper for international clients like Odel Ward Place. Open areas in this mixed-use development are adorned with striking patterns of diamond and square shapes. The noble earth tones that range from light brown to beige, and which inspired aspects of the graphic design, not only give way to an extra dose of glamour, they also invite the visitor to linger and unwind. Here, graphics can be seen not only on ceilings and walls, but also on floors, textiles, and carpets.

The corporate design that typenraum developed for the design applications has a noble and clean look. Working in a symbiotic relationship, the diamond and square shapes obtain that special Odel touch when applied to letterheads, business cards, and seals. This also becomes apparent in the café, where customers can take home custom-made gift bags, shopping bags, or snack packages. A minimally designed signage and routing system guides visitors through the building complex and ensures not only that they will find the right shops, but that they will also have a relaxed day of shopping.

In addition to web design services and an elaborately produced film, a high-quality marketing publication was also created. Here, typenraum was not only responsible for the design and the content preparation; the communications experts also took care of the editing, execution, and production. An expressive visual language and a tactile experience invite the reader to engage with Sri Lanka, the city of Colombo, and the genesis of Odel Mall.

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