Redesign and new conception of the shoe department — Kaisergalerie, Große Bleichen 27, 20354 Hamburg, — 200 m² — March 2023 — Braun Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Understated luxury

The BRAUN Hamburg store in the Kaisergalerie, which previously covered a good 1,100 square meters, was expanded by 200 square meters of sales space. The result is a new shoe department based on an innovative design concept tailored to individual needs. In the new area, the luxury fashion retailer is dedicated entirely to shoes and aims to revolutionize the shopping experience for men.

In terms of design, the new store unit is deliberately set apart from the rest of the store, allowing customers to immerse themselves in a different world. The aim was to reflect the individuality of the BRAUN brand through high-quality and timeless design. The innovative concept integrates homely elements of a dressing room and focuses on a warm, intimate atmosphere. Exclusive furniture, dark, warm colours in shades of blue and red, and screens create a space to linger. High-quality genuine materials such as brass, nut wood and natural stone emphasize the understated luxury.

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