premium designer floor - Breuninger Premium Designer Floor Stuttgart - foyer

Breuninger Premium Designer Floor Stuttgart

Planning of a new premium designer floor — Marktplatz 1-3, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany — 1,000 m² — 2006 — E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.

Space for the extraordinary

For the Breuninger flagship store in Stuttgart, blocher partners created a spatial symbiosis of the Breuninger brand with international designer labels: On more than 1,000 square metres, a Premium Designer Floor with approximately 30 of the top luxury labels. Since 1992, blocher partners has been collaborating with Breuninger. Its accomplishments include Breuninger Stuttgart.

The result is a venue that emphasizes the impact of brand names and at the same time channels the Breuninger charisma. The designers managed this by consistently playing with contrasting materials and using a simplified design for maximum flexibility. On one hand, materials like leather and bronze convey warmth and sensuality; on the other hand, dark glass and Carrera marble convey coolness and discretion. The tension of contrasts is heightened through the symbiosis of dark brown and glossy-white painted surfaces, and continues in the use of furnishings of various heights, depths and sizes. Visitors stroll through the space, without the Carrera marble flooring determining a particular path.

Subtly nuanced worlds of brands

Breuninger used the distribution of retail floors, including the ground floor and a mezzanine level that is accessible via a few steps, in order to spatially separate the absolute high-level labels from the other luxury brand names. The planners subtly oriented their designs to specific target groups.

Brand cubes communicate brand names: In the black glass cubes, each label's name is backlit on white Plexiglas. A huge, modern chandelier at the entrance also says luxury. The rectangular fixture has square lighting elements: Filigree frames covered with black gauze, inside which Swarowski stones glisten. Each shop within a shop make its own statement, from Burberry to Saint Laurent – and yet blocher partners integrated the shops into an overall design, using a uniform, transparent façade that allows views of the interior and exterior.

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