Planning and design of a watch and jewellery shop within a department store — Neuhauser Str. 18, 80331 Munich, Germany — 380 m² — 07.2018 — Bucherer Deutschland GmbH

Know-how in luxury watches and jewellery

The traditional Swiss watch and jewellery manufacturer is expanding its presence in the Bavarian capital, with a shop on the ground floor of the renowned Oberpollinger department store. To that end, the interior designers developed a concept that represents both high-quality design and a high quality of living. Since 2007, blocher partners has brought several projects to fruition for Bucherer, for example the store in Hamburg.

Parquet flooring of marble and oak literally underscores the luxurious ambiance in the watch and jewellery departments. Fine wares are displayed on highlight pedestals and presentation furniture of marble and brass. Integrated brand boards ensure brand visibility. In both departments, seating islands with high backrests offer private space for fitting as well as for confidential discussions between customers and sales personnel. A rear wall of metal and leather creates an impressive backdrop for Bucherer’s outstanding watchmaking expertise.

The Herzog day bar and lounge area, done in champagne-coloured metal, its contours reflecting the "Bucherer Eight," also contributes to the high quality of stay. Operated by Munich gastronome Maximilian Gradl, the bar is open to all visitors to the Oberpollinger department store.

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