Conception und realization of a men's fashion store — Breite Gasse 89 - 91, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany — 1,600 m² — 10. 2016 — Theo Wormland GmbH & Co. KG, Hannover, Germany

Staged masculinity

Wormland stands not just for fashion but also for the modern, style-conscious and self-assured man. In the Nuremberg store, fashion, urban lifestyle and art merge, lending a cosmopolitan coolness to the sales area.
On every level, the basic design is varied with highlights – whether modern-purist as in the World of Denim or timeless-classic as in the suit department with its black steel and leather touches. In addition, the store references Nuremberg’s young artists’ scene with graffiti works by Julian Vogel, which convey creative individuality and edginess. A meeting place for trendsetters, bloggers and design lovers.

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