Planning and design of a luxury watch and jewellery store — Königsallee 26, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany — 800 m² — July 2020 — Bucherer AG

An exclusive shopping experience

When it comes to luxury and extravagance, Düsseldorf's Königsallee surpasses virtually every other shopping mile in Germany. And the Bucherer store fits right in with its neighbours – boutiques of well-known brands. As part of their shop redesign, the architects and interior designers added a homely atmosphere to the exclusive shopping experience for which Bucherer is known.

Luxury brands such as Bucherer are adjusting to the structural changes in retail trade, and seeing these changes as an opportunity. Shopping has always been a unique experience at this internationally active jeweller and market leader for luxury watches. The firm wanted to raise this experience to a new level, and once again commissioned blocher partners to take on the challenge.

Following a successful competition in 2010, blocher partners was commissioned to develop the stores of the traditional Swiss company. Their design – which has been further refined down to the smallest detail in each new branch that opened in recent years – reflects the timeless elegance and class of Bucherer's craftsmanship. Now this goes for the store in Düsseldorf, too, where the aim was to give the flagship store a prestigious new look. In recognition of Königsallee’s landmarked status, the brass façade was fitted with half-shells, hinting at the luxury watches and jewellery inside.

Space for exceptional watches

The visitor enters the store through a narrow passage, which opens into an almost monumental space with ceilings more than four meters high and a completely open sales area. The first floor is reserved for brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega. Here, watches are displayed in their full radiance. Portals of white marble shorten the perspective, divide the space and give the second floor a cosy atmosphere, despite its width. The interior designers have added central furnishings in terrazzo and exposed concrete, complementing Bucherer’s own signature furnishings and highlighting the wares like works of art. Plants and carefully curated home accessories enhance the comfortable, cosy atmosphere.

Room with a view

The epitome of cosiness is achieved in the lounge area on the upper floor: Here, luxury watches are displayed alongside books and vases in brass showcases, and a marble block serves as a presentation surface for home accessories. Sofa landscapes and armchairs situated along a large panorama window facing the Königsallee – which locals fondly call the “Kö” – create a relaxed atmosphere where one can consult with a salesperson or just sit back and chill. And then, round out the exclusive shopping experience with an aperitif at the in-house bar.

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