Redesign of a sports store — Ludwigsplatz 4 – 10, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany — 3,000 m² — 11.2017 — SportScheck GmbH


The renowned sports retailer SportScheck‘s Nuremberg location was given a thorough facelift. The interior designers of blocher partners came up with the new concept and typenraum provided a distinctive graphic language. Specially developed features mark off the experience worlds of the individual sports and connect the customer experience. Since 2004, blocher partners has been collaborating with SportScheck. Its accomplishments include the Redesign of the sports store in Nuremberg.

For a growing number of people, an active and sporty lifestyle is a part of everyday life. This development also influences the way in which sports retailers present themselves to customers. SportScheck is therefore moving from a mere place of sale toward becoming a meeting point for sports enthusiasts. The goal is clear: to strengthen the sports community, and, equally, to position SportScheck as a competent supplier and leading sports retailer. blocher created an interior design that supports this idea through a 3,000 square meter world of adventure for the modern and urban customer, with graphics developed by typenraum to back it up.

Hashtags for the sporting community

The graphics strikingly highlight the company’s goal, which is to illustrate expertise rather than to simply function as a store. They build the framework from which to address the (semi)-professional athletes who shop here in a truthful way. Each department, for example, has its own graphic elements, which pertain specifically to that respective sport. Likewise, in the store’s outdoor adventure area, there is a climbing wall that mimics a real climbing path - the extremely difficult sport-climbing route of the Waldkopft cliff in Germany’s Frankenjura.

In other areas of the store, such as on the steps or on the floor, customers can find inspiring quotes by famous athletes or hashtags inspired by the world of social media. In this way, the overall impression is an energetic one. The zealous athletes and customers are lifted by their own feelings and experiences, which can be described with two strong emotions: the aspect of suffering and that of the boundless motivation and euphoria that come through achievement. With this deep understanding, SportScheck in Nürnberg was able to establish the basis for a satisfying customer experience.

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