Development of a design concept and a guidance system — Ravensburg, Germany — 2021 — Landkreis Ravensburg - Eigenbetrieb IKP Immobilien

Design for the district office of the future

The district office of the future is to be less academic and bureaucratic, and more citizen-oriented and transparent: Building on a strategic workshop, the communications specialists at typenraum - taking into account the logo and the ideas of the staff - developed an overarching design concept that acts as a guideline for all future buildings on the entire development site - whether in architecture, interior design, communications design or internally.

"Different functions on the one hand and wishes for the future of the district on the other: developing a visual communication concept for tomorrow was a creative challenge. From a single logo, an entire corporate design has emerged for the area that is yet to be developed," says Angela Kreutz, partner at blocher partners and managing director of typenraum, summarizing the concept.

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