Conception, design and realization of the men's section of a fashion store — Bahnhofstraße 4, 89073 Ulm, Germany — 820 m² — 09. 2016 — Reischmann GmbH & Co. KGaA, Ravensburg, Germany

Men's Loft

The floor is divided by style into formal, urban, business, and casual. Wood and metal are in the limelight, accompanied by fabrics such as velvet in iridescent colours. Spacious changing rooms flooded with natural light make trying on garments a pleasant experience and honour the clothes’ colours. Showcases along the wall of the loft as well as delicate shelves with an assortment of inserts feature selected seasonal lifestyle products. Since 1991, blocher partners has been collaborating with Reischmann, amongst others: Reischmann Sport Kempten.

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