Redesign of two shoe departments (men & women) at a department store — Krämerstraße 1-7, 25813 Husum, Germany — 733 m² — March 2017 — C.J. Schmidt GmbH, Husum

Sport is key

About 200 metres from the main CJ Schmidt store in Husum, a new address has opened for the firm's sport and children's lines, on approximately 2,000 square metres of retail space. An illuminated sports motif in the latticed windows of the first floor announces that sporting goods take up the lion's share of the space – two whole floors. Each floor has its own theme: from urban playground in the children's department, to sport training on the ground floor, to nature pure and simple in the outdoor sports section. The natural theme is also carried through to the building's central open space, where a mossy wall grows upwards from the mezzanine level. The wall is studded with pedestals on which mannequins are placed, just as in the main CJ Schmitt store.

The Fitness, Fashion and Team Sport department on the ground floor is designed with indoor sports in mind. The colourful rubber mats set into the concrete floors were modelled after gymnasium floors. Old gymnastics equipment, including parallel bars and vaulting horses as well as stacked exercise mats, serves as rather unorthodox framework for displays. Each department, from team sport to fitness, has its own backlit athletic motif, spurring the customer to action. Even the red checkout counter and the true-blue rear wall in the shoe department channel the sporty spirit of the times, as do the fitness walls in the women's department, decorated with Thera workout bands.

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