Planning and realization of a branch concept — Pluskaufstrasse 7, Pasching, Austria — 2,200 m² — 30 August 2018 — Kastner & Öhler Mode GmbH, Graz, Austria

Denim Lifestyle

Infected, the sub-brand of the Austrian department store firm Kastner & Öhler, has reached the next stage of evolution: For the brand’s first independent presentation in the PlusCity Mall in Linz, blocher partners interior designers developed a store extending over two floors. With its modern and industrial character, the shop forms the cornerstone of a modular branch store concept that can be transposed to additional locations. Since 2010, blocher partners has been collaborating with Kastner & Öhler Mode GmbH, amongst others: Kastner & Öhler Graz.

What makes an authentic store for denim fans, young and old? Most designers, given this challenge, would dig deep into the nostalgia box. But the concept developed by blocher partners interior designers is oriented towards the future. Gleaming metal elements, references to the manufacture of jeans, and high, open ceilings create an appealing atmosphere.

Clear Structure and Presentation

To maximize the store’s draw within the mall, the interior designers placed an approximately 90 square meter, flexible LED wall above the entrance, welcoming visitors into the world of Infected. The big impression continues inside: Ceilings more than five meters high on the first floor in the women’s department create the perfect setting for an industrial look. Partial wall coverings of corrugated iron, terrazzo tiles and double-webbed polycarbonate slabs subdivide the space. The furnishings fit: mid-space fittings of dark metal, display shelves of black crude steel and cubes of expanded metal. Rolls of denim material suspended on wooden frames refer to the manufacturing process.

The interior designers also used lighting to structure the space: suspended from the ceiling, vertical light wands show the way to the further reaches of the sales area while at the same time selectively reducing the effective ceiling height. LED wall elements and horizontal lights hung from the ceiling lead to the escalators that bring visitors to the men’s department on the second floor. Neon lettering on the walls also serve as signposts and heighten the store’s modern ambience.

Reflecting on shoes

Aside from the huge selection of jeans and related attire, the Infected store also offers an enticing assortment of shoes for women and men. Footwear is displayed against vertically folded highlight walls several meters high. Individual shoes are slipped into horizontal niches in the folded walls. The transition from reflective to darker surface emphasizes the folds’ three-dimensional effect, ensuring an effective visual presentation.

In short: Infected proves you can stage denim successfully without falling back on vintage and retro.

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