New construction of a factory outlet citycenter according to DGNB Platinum certification — Hugo-Boss-Platz 1, 72555 Metzingen, Germany — 11,400 m² — September 2019 — HUGO BOSS AG

The World’s Largest BOSS Outlet

Way back when, Outletcity Metzingen had its start with the opening of a Boss Outlet Store. Today, the success story is gaining a new chapter: The newly opened Boss Outlet Store, designed and built by blocher partners on the Gaenslen & Völter site, represents more than the cautious yet bold further development of Outletcity. It also expresses the role of Hugo Boss as its heart and soul.

The Hugo Boss building, which is certified with platinum under the DGNB system, now covers the former weaving and twining halls of the textile factory. Both architecture and interior design are the work of blocher partners, who have realized several projects for HUGO BOSS AG since 2003.

With its 5,000-square-meter sales floor, the new store is not only the largest in Germany; it is the world’s largest Hugo Boss outlet. The façade is the first element that catches the eye and attracts visitors. Picking up on the historical architectural context, a dark exterior surrounds the upper floors, gently enveloping the structure. Like a long swath of fabric, it connects the former textile factory to the world of fashion, linking product quality to brand lifestyle, façade to interior. The exposed concrete façade on the ground floor is interrupted gently by shop windows, media walls, entrance and exit, and a bistro with terrace.

Exploring the World of Hugo Boss

The brand shopping experience begins with a “slowdown” entry, which sets the mood: A minimalist design, with rhythmic light installation and relaxed soundscape, draws a curtain on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the outside world, and prepares visitors for the brand experience. The store’s concept reflects the Brand-Spaces principle, which affords visitors a journey through the world of Hugo Boss. Various Hugo Boss brands are presented in independent spaces; each has its own flavour, under a distinctive roof. Minimalist and colour-coordinated materials in oak, black metal and champagne tones express the simple yet high-quality Hugo Boss style.

Dressing rooms now have touch screens so customers can ask for assistance or advice, taking advantage of the comprehensive service offered by Hugo Boss. This digital addition augments but does not replace the valued in-person consultations. The service offerings are rounded off by the adjoining bistro with terrace.

The development of the Gaenslen & Völter site is another essential building block in the Outletcity Metzingen concept. blocher partners has been active in urban development for the operating company Holy AG since 2007. Among other projects, the firm is responsible for the exclusive ensemble of flagship outlets at the Schwenkel site.

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