Design of a fashion store — Webergasse 1, 01067 Dresden, Germany — 1,530 m² — 11/2017 — Reiner Appelrath-Cüpper Nachf. GmbH, Cologne, Germany

Feminine nonchalance

How can femininity be defined nowadays in the fashion business? This is the question, that the interior designers posed themselves while designing the new sales areas of AppelrathCüpper. Their answer can be found in 1,500 square meters and over two floors in the Altmarkt-Galerie in Dresden, where bright and welcoming areas invite the female customers. Since 2008, blocher partners has been collaborating with Reiner Appelrath-Cüpper Nachf. GmbH.
The ground floor has a young and cheeky appearance; This is not surprising, since brands like Grace, Key Largo and Donnell are represented, next to fashion basics. A warm wall cover encompasses the scenery, where the goods are presented in slender good carriers made of black metal, shelves of bright wood and furniture with back walls that can be designed according to the season. The interior designers also used small details, like perforated or translucent metals to show how young and modern nonchalance can look like.

Subtle and exclusive

The interpretation of femininity turns out to be more subtle and exclusive in the first floor, where the offers consist of premium brands like Hugo Boss, windsor and Calvin Klein.
Powdery colors, combined with warm, bright wood as well as brass are the dominating elements. The eye catcher in both floors is surely the middle area with its dark ceiling areas: In the ground floor with a young and modern style including thin metal poles and big, ring-shaped ceiling lamps, in the upper floor more the middle areas are dignified and warm with wood slats on the central column and ceiling.

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