Construction of a residential and office building — Bahnhofstraße, 55218 Ingelheim, Germany — 19,900 m² — October 2021 — Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Ingelheim am Rhein GmbH WBi

Further development of the new downtown

Condensing uses, serving life in all its facets: The residential and commercial building with a mix of 56 apartments and commercial units creates high-quality living space with a differentiated façade design that slots seamlessly into the inner-city structures.

The building on the 4,479-square-meter site at the Lavendelkreisel in Ingelheim complements the new center and further develops the city center in terms of urban development. For its residents, among other things, the landscaped inner courtyard creates a pleasant ambience, as does a connecting path that creates permeability between Bahnhofstrasse and Gartenfeldstrasse.

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