Construction of five urban villas inclusive underground car park — 81545 Munich, Germany — 7,400 m² — 2022 — 6B47 Will No 16 GmbH

Exclusive lifestyle amongst the trees

Modern, luxurious properties, set in a park-like landscape amongst old trees, right next to the famous Isar meadows: blocher partners won the investors’ competition for a residential construction project in this exclusive location. A total of five residential units with an underground garage were built on Willroiderstraße at the corner of Harthauser Straße, surrounded by trees.

The ensemble of compact villas with roof terraces is set generously in the approximately 9,000 square meter plot. In keeping with the character of the garden city Harlaching, one of Munich’s most exclusive districts, the ensemble is characterized by the greatest possible individuality and exclusivity. Instead of using up all the green area with floor space, the architects designed five cubes with a total of 28 residential units, employing the language of classical modernism, and arranged them geometrically within the stately surroundings.

Focus on privacy

The layout of each 1.5- to five-room apartment (from 40 to 200 square meters each) and the two semidetached houses (280 square meters) allows generous interior design possibilities. To that end, the structures are kept deliberately flexible. The focus is on privacy, which is why rooms hidden from the outside, soundproofing, peace and nature are so important.

The cubature is designed in such a way as to create the impression of a private villa. By staggering the individual building sections and orienting the structures in different directions, the architects have created attractive floor plans and appealing corners. The result is a variety of views, while the simplicity yields a better orientation towards the surrounding open spaces. The goal is to create a high-quality living space and at the same time to highlight the relationship between indoors and outdoors. The main buildings and half-timber structures fit gently into the garden idyll. A meandering network of paths provides a loose bond between the buildings; overall, future inhabitants will enjoy the maximum open space in a graceful balance between landscape, garden and architecture.

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