Braun Hamburg – Kaisergalerie

Konzeption und Realisierung eines Herrenmodestores — Kaisergalerie, Große Bleichen 27, 20354 Hamburg, — rund 1.000 m² — 2014 — Braun Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Masculine elegance

The owner-managed family company, Braun Hamburg, embodies the personal touch of the retail trade, knows its customers and cultivates relationships. A port of call for the demanding Hanseatic clientele, passionate about timeless elegant fashion poised between tradition and modernity. The exclusive range and distinctive service notion has turned the company into one of the finest addresses in the world of men's fashion. With this in mind, the planners of blocher partners in co-operation with Braun Hamburg have created a fitting framework – in the Kontorhaus in Hamburg's city centre, built in 1909. A contemporary interplay with historic charm on two floors – with stylistic breaks between the old and the new. Since 2013, blohcer partners has been collaborating with Braun Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG.

The room envelope: a symbol of the interconnectedness of the generations; with its rhythm of white walls and contour-bestowing marble surfaces. Also the supports, clad with semi-circular Mansonia wood elements, with recessed dark display niches. The interplay of various natural stone floors reminiscent of late 19th century architecture. A contemporary echo: the oval-shaped, back-lit ceiling element in the middle of the store, set into the white ceiling, which is otherwise suspended. Stylishly restrained furniture, first and foremost the delicate wooden showcases and display tables made of dark metal, exuding masculine noblesse. As well as the half-high furniture, with a metal shell and honey-coloured wooden core. The new staircase follows the classical elegant design, and forms a stylistic bridge between the floors. Picking up on the natural stone floor, it leads the customer elegantly into the designer and suit division on the first floor.

Sophisticated style

Having arrived at the top, the first impression that is imparted: generosity. Free arrangement of the furniture as an unmistakeable expression of exclusivity. This is where two ambiances with floor covering made of carpet and natural stone meet each other. In this way, an impression is created of two rooms, which continue the style of the ground floor consistently with waffle walls and grey rear panels. Complemented by original special furniture and a custom-made green marble wall, in front of which shoes are displayed on metal shelves. Modern interpreted ottomans placed in front invite trying on in style. The changing cubicles, too, are stylish, with their grey fabric-covered walls divided by brass pilaster strips.

Noble details can be found wherever you look, high-quality materials, a unique design. Even the view from the open windows offers something special: namely a panorama of the city skyline and the Bleichenfleet, a tributary of the Kleine Alster. The interior designers of blocher partners follow the brand's self-image in all its facets: "We do not look into the rear view mirror, but through the front windscreen", is what managing director, Lars Braun, states on his company's website. Further on it says: "Every single day we work on being unique, because being comparable does not meet demands of today." What else could underscore this philosophy better than the new store concept, which combines passion, character and timelessness with masculine elegance.

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