Eco Schulte – Corporate Language

Corporate Language for a door system specialist and its new subsidiary — Menden — 11.2022 — Eco Schulte GmbH & Co. KG

The language of values

ECO Schulte – traditional company from Menden – contacted our communication agency typenraum. The task: »Brand profile for the new subsidiary, Randi.«

Established in 1878, Randi is an established Scandinavian brand for door handles, construction hardware and sanitary fittings. With the qualities of timeless, Scandinavian design aesthetics, it complements the repertoire of the door system specialist ECO Schulte. This aspiration for design and aesthetics should be communicated specifically to architects.

We started our analysis. Our recommendation: to give the Randi brand a clear profile, and not only among the target group of architects. The idea was for Randi also to strengthen the identity of the ECO Schulte brand – after all, this buttressing was the core reason for the affiliation with the ECO Schulte brand world.

The original brief of giving a segment of ECO Schulte a clear profile turned into the challenge of helping the overall brand achieve a greater whole. A joint workshop provided the answers to the question: »What is ECO Schulte’s identity?« The formal question of a design profile morphed into the structural question of overall identity. So instead of creating a patchwork of two brand profiles only connected in terms of corporate law, we integrated both into a common value system through communication: a corporate language for the overall ECO Schulte brand that establishes its identity.

Based on this overall communication, the Randi brand was no longer merely »pasted on« to the ECO Schulte brand. Both were united in a new USP: in a greater, authentic whole. An added value in fact that is entirely in line with ECO Schulte‘s long-standing brand promise: »The sum is greater than the number of parts«.

The result

A corporate language manual with the profiles of all primary target groups of both ECO Schulte and Randi: the values of the target groups, their language, words and – last, but not least – their relationship to time, effort and the associated willingness to read.

In this manual, ECO Schulte & Randi employees will find encompassing profiling, as well as specific examples and linguistic tools that pay tribute to both brands and strengthen their overall identity. From the necessary vocabulary of both brands to rhetorical tricks to which their specific target groups primarily respond. A reference book for the crucial messages, marketing and communication.

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