Conception and Editorial — Bründl Sports Active Company — Nikolaus-Gassner-Straße 4, 5710 Kaprun, Austria

What counts the most

Bründl is more than a sports-equipment outfitter – it's also the initiator and creator of an alpine lifestyle. Boasting shops with unusual architecture, an ambitious portfolio and an extra-special Bründl spirit, the Austrian family business has long been an exceptional authority in the area of sports equipment. Since 2007, blocher partners has been collaborating with Bründl. Its accomplishments include the Bründl Kaprun Flagship Store.

Blocher Blocher View regularly gives this potential an emotional as well as physical manifestation in the lifestyle magazine Bründl Feeling. But for Bründl, what counts the most are its employees, and it was thought that there should be a publication especially for them. The idea of the Bründl Employee Booklet was born.

Giving Insights

In the complicated "war for talents", the promotion of gifted people has become increasingly important. Therefore, the employee booklet explains the company philosophy, gives insights into the Bründl Academy, provides portraits of employees and creates a sense of community. The booklet contains something for everybody: apprentices, employees, interested parties and clients. In every way, from its handy format to its dynamic photographs, the booklet is extremely accessible and people-friendly. A large part is dedicated to the in-house talent factory, the Bründl Academy. This little gem testifies to the company's unusual commitment to its employees. Hence the Bründl motto: "Everything – except the ordinary".

Cast from the same mould

The communication experts of Blocher Blocher View conceived and implemented the editorial aspects of the new publication and took over its art direction, design, photography and production all the way up to the printing stage. Since the company magazine Bründl Feeling was created by the same team, the employee booklet fits in seamlessly with the tonality and emotionality of the other publication. As if everything was cast from the same mould.

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