Conception and realization of a brewery fanshop — Rothaus 1, 79865 Grafenhausen-Rothaus, Germany — 170 m² — Mai 2016 — Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG

Toasting a brewery

Fanshops are not just for the football world. After all, passionate fans are always good to have, and they’re usually not born but made. But how do you win fans for a brand? By transferring what distinguishes the brand – its value – to the spatial dimensions of architecture, interior architecture and design. Rothaus is a prime example. The name of this state brewery has been on everyone’s lips for years – in its home region of Baden and in big German cities. Consequently, the interior relies on a contemporary design, warm colors and references to the Rothaus’s history and brewing culture. Since 2015, blocher partners has been collaborating with the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG. Its accomplishments include the Visual Merchandising of the brewery fan shop.

The taste of the black forest

The fanshop opened punctually for the brewery’s 225th anniversary. A new, central entranceway creates a long-distance effect through an inserted portal with a backlit Rothaus logo.
At the same time, it links the Zäpfle Bar with the new store, creating a space of experience. Granite elements and warm wood convey a sense of tradition; a ceiling-light installation and product racks made of copper pipes invoke a reference to brewing kettles. Decorative elements – like antique wooden barrels and crates – come directly from the Rothaus archives and lend the salesroom additional authenticity. In short: the Rothaus Fanshop has that modern, homey feeling.

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