Conception and conversion of a branch format — Alexanderhaus, Alexanderplatz 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany — 950 m² — September 2017 — Berliner Sparkasse

New concept for the branches of Sparkasse in Berlin

The baby boomers of the 1960’s made space for the millennials – through this change, new values have been established and the digital era brings new challenges. That was the briefing for the interior designers.

And their proposals were able to convince: The designers won the idea and design competition including reconstruction and a new concept of the Berliner Sparkasse (savings bank). The new branches represent human closeness and trust, rationality and service, as well as solidarity. Rooms are now more transparent and lighter than before. The self-service area received the same quality of stay as the area of customer service. Digital tools help the customers with service questions.

In short: The interior designers created a multimedia and multifunctional centre for the community – and for the future.

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