Design and complete outfitting of a flagship store — Königsallee 21/23, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany — 165 m² — January 2018 — Luisa Cerano GmbH

Female premium fashion

The German premium fashion label Luisa Cerano delights female customers worldwide with a combination of feminine silhouettes and casual, high-class designs. Located in a prominent location in the direct vicinity of KÖ, Düsseldorf’s famous shopping promenade, the one-story corner store covering some 170 square meters has a very open and transparent feel to it. The spacious glass facades on the front and long side not only make for ample light, but simultaneously present Luisa Cerano’s brand world to passers-by.

In the shop itself a truly refined atmosphere prevails, in keeping with the high quality of the brand. This is elegantly showcased through the mixture of shapes and materials em-ployed: A clear and generous sense of space, with walls and columns with a fair-faced concrete finish, bright large-format floor tiles, not to mention openly designed display win-dows with presentation walls in a marble look create a fitting ambience for the fashion world of Luisa Cerano to unfold.

Extravagance and richly contrasting materials

The interior designers have echoed the extravagance and contrasts of the fabrics and cuts. For example, immediately on entering the store customers encounter a highlight ta-ble in bright granite with rough edges, standing on a rug in iridescent shades of green and flanked by mannequins on brass-colored stands. Sophisticated contrasts are also provid-ed through the use of unusual materials such as an undulating perforated metal ceiling sail extending over the entire space. Chiming with this idea, some of the collection is present-ed on brass-look display units likewise suspended from the ceiling. Simple shelves and metal displays but also individual cubes in a marble appearance on which glass display cases with metal frames were placed complement the presentation and contribute to the store’s high-class atmosphere.

Feminine note

The interior designers have enriched this atmosphere with feminine touches: Soft velvet fabrics that are used primarily for the seating and in the dressing rooms are complement-ed by a focus wall with soft powder shades fashioned of wellboard, which produces fasci-nating contrasts in interplay with the rough concrete look of the wall behind. This overall composition adds a further gem to the Luisa Cerano stores. And incidentally not the only one, because the design concept developed for the flagship store by the interior designers at blocher partners shops will also come into play for the facelift of the Luisa Cerano shop in Munich.

Fotos: Luisa Cerano/Dirk Tacke

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