New conception of a store for the bike specialist Rose — Shopping Center MONA, Pelkovenstraße 143-147, 80992 Munich, Germany — 250 m² plus 30 m² workshop— 2014 — Rose Bikes GmbH

Hightech showroom for bike fans

Rose is amongst the leading specialists for bicycles and bike accessories in Europe. The store design for the second dependance in Munich leaves not a trace of doubt: Rose is betting on progress and movement. Bicycle fans and bike professionals have, of course, known this for a long time – and value the passion, the know-how and the high standards of quality of the Bocholt-based company. Since 2003, blocher partner has been collaborating with Rose Bikes. Its accomplishments include the new conception of a store for the bike specialist in Bochholt.

With its 250 square metre store in Munich, Rose is opening up to the demanding crowd. The dependance at the MONA mall is the undisputed eye-catcher of the entire shopping centre. Customers are magically drawn already from the outside by the eight metre long and three metre tall LED wall at the rear of the store, which visualises the brand with moving images, graphics and text. Stepping across the entrance threshold opens up a world of its own. Anthracite hues and grass green accents, concrete surfaces and black-and-white contrasts as well as polygonal spatial elements convey a futuristic ambiance. Such as the highlight podium made of micro-concrete, reminiscent of a mountain silhouette with its sloped contours. A motif which is repeated throughout the entire store: with crystalline furniture forms, special presentations and angled walls.

The community counts

In the centre: a black floor space with symmetrically arranged luminescent podiums. Rose's bestselling products are displayed here icon-like– accompanied by lightfields on the suspended middle ceiling. Those who don't find what they are looking for in the top selection can give free rein to their creativity.

Tablets, installed in front of the large LED panel at the rear, allow the assembly of a custom bike from a rich selection of parts. The community in the store can participate live on an extra-large screen. Just an example of the affinity of the brand and its customers for technology. iPad stations can be found everywhere, providing information and inviting to interaction. One can leaf through catalogues, configure bikes and order home-delivery. Those who prefer to explore the online world of Rose with their own smartphone are delighted about the WLAN offering. Technology meets the customer also elsewhere: for example at the measuring station that ensures a perfect fit for the shoe, or the 30 square metre repair shop. Saddles, helmets and accessories are displayed at the walls and on presenters. Clear and progressive at the same time. Everything as a gesture towards the biking enthusiast community that meets in the instore lounge to talk shop and plan routes.

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