Reconstruction of a fashion store for sports and trends — Bahnhofstraße 3-5, 87435 Kempten, Germany — 11,500 m², thereof 5,200 m² sales floor area for sports — 2011 — Reischmann GmbH & Co. KGaA

Industry look meets natural ambience

Clear forms characterise the sports store of Reischmann. Anthracite-coloured frames contrast with the central, three-storey shop window front of the building: Modern showcases that guide the view to the presentation of the merchandise and large-scale photos of sport-enthusiasts. This structure is varied in the south part of the building with smaller-scale windows from the third to the fifth storey. In this way the architecture comes to life and is set into motion, so to say – a reference to the sporty zeitgeist that Reischmann represents. In addition, the previously dark roofed entrance areas have made way for modern, friendly entrances flush with the building. In this way, the store invites customers and passers-by to shop. Since 1991, blocher partners has been collaborating with Reischmann, amongst others: Mode Reischmann Ulm.

Opposites attract

The clear look of the exterior facade also creates the framework for the interior design. Unsophisticated industrial materials such as concrete and screed are found repeatedly on all storeys and connect the different sport and fashion offerings with their expressive design.

The room concept is minimalistic and builds a contrast to individual theme islands on all floors. Some of these worlds underscore the industrial look with modern materials and grate elements. Others in turn create an authentic connection to Kempten and the Allgäu. A stylish ski hut, for example, provides a real summit feeling, all inclusive of a cosy fireplace custom-made from aged wood of the region. Another highlight is a climbing wall, 22 metres high, reaching up over the entire height of the building. Presentation furniture made of aged timber and black steel exhibit the same basic design on all floors, but have been embellished individually with natural materials such as bark or stones.

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