New conception of a store with showroom and café bar — Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 34, 50672 Cologne, Germany — 1,200 m² — May 2022 — ROSE Bikes GmbH

Sustainable Cycling Dream

ROSE Bikes has opened a flagship store in Cologne, for the presentation of its brand. The architects and interior designers gladly took on the customers’ wish for the most sustainable solution possible, thus preserving as much as they could of this landmarked building from the 1950s. At the same time, their interventions in the existing building were carried out carefully, and are complemented by sophisticated solutions.

As cycling specialists, ROSE is already out front when it comes to sustainable mobility. So it was only natural to incorporate this aspect in the design of the store and the choice of materials. For the planners, it was important to keep in mind the deconstruc-tability, reusability and recyclability of the products, most of which are composed of single materials. They chose mobile furnishings in order to ensure flexibility over time, thus creating a store that would remain sustainable in the long term. A special room-within-a-room system flanks the sales floor: The blocher partners planners outfitted the back walls with their own Multi-Lane ceiling rail system from Visplay, which can be changed effortlessly, allowing for a flexible room design with ever evolving displays.

Pop-Up Start

In order to establish the presence of the Bocholt-based bike experts in the Cologne scene as quickly as possible, the interior designers developed a pop-up presence in a 120-square-meter space, using the front of the store, including mezzanine, temporarily separating them off from the rest of the space. The furnishings were later incorporated into the final store design. And it was a pop-up with community in mind: The in-house coffee bar, Erwins – named after company owner Erwin Rose – enjoyed its debut here in a niche manifestation. Flexible cardboard furnishings rounded out the pop-up flavor.

Happy New Bike Day!

From the entrance area, a large black spatial sculpture extends into the space over both floors. Inspired by bike trails, its form reflects the terrain and dynamics of cycling, while ramps add an urban look. The black geometric design element runs through the entire store like a spatial brace; in combination with large format photo walls and claims, they lift customers emotionally, priming them for the next bike tour. Special room dividers were designed with customized presentations in mind: The back wall of the mobile presenters with their metal frame construction are fitted with large-format graphic screen elements, transporting the cycling spirit from the road right into the store.

Do the Ride Thing

As a family-run company with 115 years of tradition, ROSE Bikes has always shared its customers’ passion for cycling. Which made it all the more important to reserve space for their commitment to community. Thus a small, in-store lounge area with its own coffee bar was included in the entry area; this boosts the quality of stay and invites cy-cling enthusiasts and professionals to talk shop and relax together. And the stepped platform, which segues into a bench, also serves as highlight furniture for the presentation of wares.

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