Development and realisation of a concept house incl. bistro — Am Markt 3, 21335 Lüneburg, Germany – 700 m² — 2012 — Roy Robson Fashion GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Expressional Interaction

For the men’s outfitter Roy Robson, blocher partners planned and realised a concept house in a heritage-protected gabled building at the Lueneburg Market.The structural survey of the historical gable roof building revealed what was equally a lucky strike and a cause for responsibility: brick walls, timber framework and stucco elements had to be cautiously restored before they could become leading parts of the store concept – as a contrast to material-like dark chrome or oak wood.

At first, visitors of the concept house steep into bustling activity – at the ground level where the store and the bistro “Markt Drei” come together. Here, young and sporty fashion is displayed in front of light oak and on dark steel shelves. The plain grey concrete flooring emphasizes the solid nonchalance. Where red brick walls were treated with anthracite-coloured wall plaster, the ceiling sets back to provide depth and structure to the room. The strikingly painted wooden ceiling of the bistro originates in another building and has been conservationally treated to come into its own. Herbs and plants highlight the oak wall that closes the room on one side. Besides the new corporate design, the creative, regionally grounded cuisine provides delightful, culinary memories of the brand.

Living-room feeling on the first floor

Curved wooden stairs lead through an anthracite-coloured hallway into the first floor. Lovingly arranged picture galleries welcome the visitor at the entrée which is designed as a mixed zone. Besides fashion, Roy Robson is presenting here a constantly changing assortment of accessories. On the whole floor the interior designers have retained the structure of the former residential house with its seven connected rooms - because they are simply perfect to tell stories along recurring leitmotifs.

Middle space and room hull are clearly separated. The restored door frames work as eye catchers which convey, together with the exposed stucco, an elevated sense of space. At the walls, fashion is presented on shelves made of shiny tubular steel, featured by big-size concrete-like elements. The colour gradient also follows the story line, beginning with a light grey, then softly darkening and running into a noble touch of green where the highest quality items of the collections are shown.

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