Corporate design, graphic design, signage — Imanuel-Maier-Straße 2, 73257 Köngen, Germany — AWG Allgemeine Warenvertriebs GmbH

Green´s the clincher

Since it was traded up in 2011, the KÖ8 in Köngen has proven to be a modern and elegant shopping destination. The name says it all: It reflects the close ties to Köngen and at the same time the proximity to the A8 (federal autobahn). Not to mention the fact that the number "8", given a new look by Blocher Blocher View, stands for luck in many different cultures.
The new KÖ8 logo – a memorable combination developed by typenraum – has high recognition value. The mall's new corporate design also includes a fresh new colour scheme as well as significant retail graphics and customer-friendly signage. In addition, the designers have created eye-catchers, such as a neon-light object in the form of a stylized football field at the F.O.S. sports shop.

The proverbial jewel in the crown of the new corporate design is the distinctive logo of the fashion centre: the KÖ8 on a pale green cube suspended from above. The lush colour of the roof and façade exudes modernity and emphasizes the claim to fame of this shopping street that, with its range of products and styles – represents a new dimension of shopping in the region. The colour concept, both consistent and sophisticated, continues even into the underground parking garage. A new parking system – previously seen only in road tunnels – points the way with red and green LED signals, lending a modern accent. Elevators with glass doors, and a wide entrance to the garage itself, also promise an easy parking experience.

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