Overall graphic conception, art direction, editorial support, layout, realisation, proof-reading and production — 50 pages — City of Heidelberg, building management

Heidelberg Romance

A postcard motif, an impressive baroque estate and one of the most beautiful administrative properties in Germany: All this applies to the Palais Graimberg in Heidelberg. Located directly below the famous castle set in the heart of the romantic historic town, the historic property has been accommodating various municipal departments and administrative offices since 1978. Between September 2012 and December 2013 the venerable complex was renovated fundamentally.

The entire scope of these measures can be found in a brochure which was graphically designed and editorially conceptualised by typenraum. The Stuttgart-based communication agency developed a visually appealing and content-wise well thought out publication, which provides a comprehensive picture about the past, present and future of the estate. It offers a detailed documentation of the modernisation program, explaining the advantages of the energetic renovations and containing several ground plans, as well as various facts about the statistics and the data. A gripping contribution, which brings to life the eventful and moving history of the Palais, rounds off the publication.

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