Planning of a new city quarter — Berlin-Pankow — 265,400 m²— 2021 — Krieger Handel SE

New neighborhood

Bringing urbanity and idyll into harmonious harmony is the overarching guiding principle of our design. Through integration into the historically grown identity, the new neighborhood functions as a green counterpart to the historic center of Pankow. A green biotope will be created along the track field as well as the Panke-Trail fast bike route as a new connecting axis.

»In the middle and yet in the green« is the attitude to life that we want to convey through a good interconnection of the new and existing green spaces as well as the greened Heinersdorf and the Brandenburg countryside. The Kiez is developing into a place that combines living, working and leisure, offering quality of life through diversity. The two differently shaped front sides offer a high degree of urbanity in the west, in the direction of the allotments Heinersdorf living in the green. Under the motto »Re-Knitting the Network« the two previously separate districts are linked together and maximum integration into the existing urban structure across the track field is made possible - through visual relationships (visual axes), but also through physical connections, such as an underpass.

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