Planning and realization of BMK Yachthafen — Argenweg 60, 88085 Langenargen, Germany — 2020 — Yachting Club Langenargen


It’s timeless but in sync with the times: The light-filled, expansive new BMK Marina in Langenargen. The planners at blocher partners have created a place that both inspires and calms – a place to begin one’s day on Lake Constance.

Whether one is looking for a sailing tour, sunny hours on the shore or a relaxing stroll through the beautifully designed town centre, Langenargen is the exclusive address on Lake Constance that has it all. With its backdrops of the Alps and view of the Swiss shore, this city – just a few kilometres from Friedrichshafen on one side and Lindau on the other – is an enchanting gem.

The goal of the BML Marina redesign, which blocher partners accomplished, was to boost the quality of stay – already significant thanks to its prominent location on the lake’s northern shore – to a new level. The starting point was the design by the Daschmann architectural office, which was expanded upon by the Stuttgart architects, interior designers and communication specialists. Today, the BMK building is a stand-alone structure of dark-glazed brick, with steel-framed windows and exposed concrete, inspired by traditional industrial architecture.

Materials like wood and steel form a symbiosis with an interior design reminiscent of east coast style. Floor-to-ceiling windows with muntin patterns connect the ground floor with the first floor, conveying a loft character. This openness is emphasized by a spiral staircase that reaches upwards like a sculpture. And reaching downwards into the space are suspended luminaires, which play with the ceiling height and thus function both as source of light and design element. Every detail is planned with an eye for time-honoured luxury – from the outdoor area with its natural stone floors, to the sophisticated lighting, to the choice of tableware and cutlery.

Visitors are welcomed into a generous lounge whose concierge offers a range of amenities, from towel service to custom-packed picnic baskets. Also housed here are the offices of the Langenargen Yacht Club and the North Sails sail-making workshop. The service concept on which the building is based is rounded off with a conference room featuring state-of-the-art technology and two rentable offices that offer tenants a working environment in a unique setting.

BMK Marina Langenargen – Urban Design

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