Sophie 23 – Corporate Design, Website, Kommunikation

Naming, Logo Development, Corporate Design incl. diverse applications, Website Development and Design, Strategic Media Communication — Sophienstraße 23, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany — Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG

Word mark with personality

Sophie 23 will be a new residential and commercial building including daycare center in the heart of der Gerberviertel in Stuttgart. typenraum has been accompanying the project since the very beginning – from the naming and the corporate design development to the web design and strategic media communication. The name itself is simple as striking. Sophie 23 is derived from the Sophienstraße and the house number 23.

The reduction to the timeless girls name conveys an individual character to the building; the house as a patron saint of residents, customers and day care children. A personal name with a reference to the neighborhood which can easily be used by the Stuttgart citizens in daily conversation. The typography of the word mark is as catchy as the name; the simple font is easy on the eyes, the increasing stroke width of the letters stands of dynamics and has a high recognition value. The CI color anthracite and sand harmonize with the material of the façade: the concrete surfaces, fair faced brickwork and wooden lamella cladding.

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