Digital Communication: Strategy, conception and editorial plan for social media Introduction and on-going support of SEO & SEA — Seestraße 39, Titisee, Germany — 2018 — Drubba GmbH

People, precision and aesthetics

How does a renowned watchmaker adjust to digitalization? How can social media be used to generate income? How do search engine optimization and advertising work? Drubba Moments of Titisee posed these questions, and they asked typenraum to find answers. In a workshop we got to know the company and analysed the present situation. Then we put together a social networking roadmap and website strategy for the family business.

The social media editorial plan is based on the triad of »people, precision and aesthetics« that puts this watchmaking company and its dedicated employees into words. We audited the website and, based on keyword research, we created a semantic core from which to develop a keyword strategy. In the SEA area, we held a training workshop to enable employees to continue operating the project on their own. We accompany both SEO and SEA within the framework of consulting contracts.

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