Concept for an exhibition stand at the EuroShop 2023 — Düsseldorf Trade Fair — 2023 — XAL GmbH

The XAL retail world

Retail is all about creating an atmosphere where products can be staged to their best emotional impact. Light plays a decisive role in this staging. For the Austrian lighting manufacturer XAL, blocher partners has created a EuroShop 2023 exhibition stand that works as a meeting point.

Set around a central marketplace are four constructed worlds, designed as abstract interpretations of buildings in the urban context. Each of them thematizes a particular branch-related use of XAL products. In this way, the exhibition stand depicts various aspects of urban life: Inspiration, trade, gastronomy, social interaction, and exchange.

In four different stagings, this trade fair display shows how light and space influence one another interchangeably. The various worlds presented are based on actual application areas – supermarket, fashion, fashion exclusive and boutique/jeweller. In the “Experience World” visitors can interact with products. In all application areas, the choice of colours, materials and surfaces allows the demonstration of different light effects.

Shedding the right light

The spaces are arranged in such a way that they create two large entrances to the central marketplace. Outfitted with seating and a bar, these spaces aim to catch the eye from a distance, as a lively centre of activity. Here, the constructed space formed by the outer walls of the four worlds takes a step back, creating a stage for the lighting design through its dark colour scheme.

The exhibition stand is notable for its well-thought-out rhythm, from inside to outside. Even before one enters, one is drawn to the stand’s individual worlds, thanks to the open views and visual relationships. The use of varied ceiling heights reflects actual room scenarios and culminates in the nearly six-meter-high Experience World a spatial interpretation of XAL’s marketing philosophy and innovative thinking: »Lighting without limits.«

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