Trade fair booth at Euroshop — Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, D-40474, Düsseldorf, Deutschland — 700 m² — 2017 — GenesisDisplay GmbH

A magical world for mannequins

blocher partners created the booth of Genesis Mannequins at the Euroshop fair in 2017. The global player with showrooms in Hannover, Barcelona, Melbourne, Montréal, New York and Paris incorporates high-value, functional and aesthetic products. This includes newest technical features that are incorporated during the precise manufacturing.
For example, the world-wide known producer makes its figures using just naturally produced resin. That puts a spotlight on the company’s values like sustainability and quality. At the same time, it offers a microcosm in which the whole company and its values can be reflected. White wall elements that appear to be folded, define the booth of 700 square metres, giving the impression of Origami. The abstract space offers room for thought and gives a suitable background to highlight the shape of the mannequins. A tree, extending its branches over this world of mannequins, becomes the poetic eyecatcher in the middle of a straight-lined and minimalistic magic world. Four mirroring elements enhance the illusion – the visitor then encounters a leafy forest. With the creation of Genesis Experience, blocher partners managed to symbolize the essence of the company.

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