Concept for the new construction of a community centre — 57462 Olpe, Germany — 2020 — City of Olpe

Unification of history and future

In its function as a community centre, the new building acts as a mirror of society and as such becomes a symbol that unifies Olpe’s history with its future. Developed as a wooden hybrid construction the new building smoothly incorporates aspects of the past and translates them into the present by taking up the line of the train tracks and defining itself emphatically as a structure that runs parallel to the former railway station.

In the southern section of the site the volume nestles against the old station building and rises highest where it traces the Bigge River, which generates both a new urban periphery and creates a new urban centre. The design was submitted to the competition for the realization of the New Build Community Centre (Town Hall with museum) and received a distinction as well as the first prize for the ideas section.

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