New construction and extension of a hospital — Feldstetter Straße 64, 89150 Laichingen, Germany — 10,700 m² — 2003 — Ortskrankenpflegeverein Laichingen

A place that creates confidence and safety

Following the successful participation in a nationwide competition, an ensemble of hospital, nursing home und senior citizen’s residency was built in Laichingen. Surgeries, physical therapy facilities and a pharmacy complete the medical service offer. The proportions of the buildings are purposefully chosen to fit into the rural structure of the Alpine region. Courtyards are a design element that is repeatedly used. They take over the function of the village square.
The measures taken for the construction of the Laichingen hospital follow the functions of the fast-paced changes in the scientific field. Today’s diagnostics, operating theatres, standards for physical therapy can be outdated tomorrow. These extensive requirements on the part of the health care providers ask for maximum flexibility, planned for and implemented by blocher partners. At the same time, an environment providing for safety and comfort was created for workers and patients alike.

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