Construction of a health care centre — Am Schwanenplatz, 70190 Stuttgart, Germany — 5,400 m² — Stadt Stuttgart / PlanQuadrat Projekt GmbH & Co. KG / blocher partners

A healthy place in the heart of the city

A new health care campus is going up between Rosensteinpark and Villa Berg, directly alongside the Berg Spa. The design is based on a harmonious integration of the architecture into the surrounding landscape and wins points above all for its open spaces: The planners make skillful use of the varied ground levels, creating attractive, diversely designed open spaces as well as protected inner courtyards around the complex of buildings, which consists of three interconnected structures. The concept deliberately emphasizes the synergies between the neighbouring institutions, which are spatially interconnected. The goal: Establish a new forum for health, integrating the most innovative diagnostics and preventive and therapeutic elements – and form a new, strong address in Stuttgart’s green belt of inner city parks.

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