Concept development for a young fashion store and restructuring of the franchise concept for Angéloz stores — Avenue de la Gare 10, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland — 1906 by Angéloz: 423 m², Avry-sur-Matran DOB: 243 m², Avry-sur-Matran gentlemen: 187 m², Bulle, DOB: 100 m² — 2015 — Les Boutiques Angéloz, Switzerland

Graphic meets Vintage

blocher partners built the Young Fashion store 1906 by Angéloz for the Swiss-based consortium "Les Boutiques Angéloz". With the Angéloz branches, a new, young concept has come to the fore, captivating the customer through a mix of retro and modern style.

The unusual structure, with its functional areas individually tailored to each boutique, breaks up the store's rectangular scheme, offering constantly changing views and attractive perspectives. The pathways, too, offer possibilities for a new approach upon each visit. Lines printed on the floor offer orientation and also delineate distinct areas. Floor to ceiling cubes made from vintage materials slide along tracks in front of the dark walls: wood, concrete and brick in distressed style emphasize the area's various functional cores. The materials don't only appear old; they were subjected to an aging process. With its industrial retro-look, 1906 by Angéloz reflects the firm's more than 100-year history and embodies individuality, thanks to the graphic aspect.

One brand, many homes

The Angéloz brand is also represented in the renovated stores for women's fashion outerwear in Avry-sur-Matran (Avry Centre) and in Bulle (Gruyère Centre) as well as in the Avry Centre men's shop. The easy-going atmosphere of the boutiques with casual and leisurewear forms its own design world: furniture, materials, space planning – they simply belong together. Brand recognition is guaranteed.

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