Ensemble of four residential towers — Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club, 4026 Sta Elena – Laguna, Philippines — 66,000 m² — 07/2020 — Sta. Elena Properties Inc., Makati City, Philippines

Garden storeys

South of the Philippine metropolis of Manila, in a scenic area, four skyscrapers with luxury apartments are rising. The planners have set these 18 to 24-story towers against an impressive backdrop of forests, lakes, lagoons and the Mount Makiling mountain range, anchoring them within their surroundings through the use of a connecting pedestal element.

Like organic green structures, the twin buildings – with a total of 146 apartments – seem to grow right out of the landscape. Irregular balustrades resembling rocky ledges divide the verticals and at the same time provide shade. The apartments are surrounded on all sides by generous balconies that look like gardens. Vine-covered stainless steel nets and ample planting zones not only serve to preserve the views between individual apartments, but above all have a positive impact on the climate and a cooling effect as well. A rooftop bar and a fitness area on the Skydeck, as well as a restaurant, a spa, social halls, a private cinema and a kindergarten on the ground floor, complete the common spaces. With their design, the architects are realizing their concept of a countryside villa transposed into two high-rise towers: a vertical concept for urban living. Technical details, like rainwater storage, grey water usage, and automatic irrigation of the balconies, contribute to a sustainable design.

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