Overall graphic conception, art direction, editorial support, layout, realisation, proof-reading and production — 100 pages — 11.2017 — Colliers International Stuttgart GmbH

A must-read for decision-makers

In no other market report will you find so much information about Stuttgart as in the Retail Real Estate Report of Colliers International Germany. Working with typenraum, Colliers presents a broad range of themes. In addition to informative numbers and heat maps as must-reads for decision-makers, the 88-page report includes interviews, current projects and reports. typenraum has worked with Colliers since 2012; for the 2013 retail report they oversaw conception, realisation, editing and production.

The experts from Colliers International Stuttgart are among the top service providers in the commercial real estate sector of this booming metropolitan region. They are familiar with the unique qualities of the urban structure; they examine trends and analyse potentials. Among the services they provide are the rental and sale of office space as well as commercial, hotel, industrial and retail properties, specialist stores, residential buildings and land; real-estate valuation; and consulting and support for companies in their operational real estate management (corporate solutions). The Colliers International Group is active worldwide, with 15,000 experts in 68 countries.

Reference Guide

The “2018 retail property report”, for which the team at typenraum provided the design, as well as the editorial concept and its realization, is impressive proof of the company’s broadly diversified expertise. In addition to current and future developments, the publication introduces the established prime locations within the city center and also extensively reveals the most important facts about the remaining city districts. The publication is perfectly well suited to being a reference guide: ultimately, it is here that readers also find detailed information regarding rent prices, as well as retail occupancy and visitor frequency.

These overviews are made complete through information on spending power and centrality rankings, population figures, and chain store numbers. All the data is represented in a clear and understandable way both graphically and as text. In this way, the annual report encompasses not only an overview of the top locations in the city center and elsewhere, it also offers a summary of the retail situation in city districts such as Feuerbach, Zuffenhausen, Bad Cannstatt, Weilimdorf, Vaihingen, Degerloch, and Sillenbuch. Current projects run by Colliers International such as the Lautenschlager site in the Königstraße 41, the Eichstraße site, and Theo 9, are also introduced.
According to Colliers International, Stuttgart is solidly positioned among the top five cities in Germany, particularly when it comes to retail. The Swabian metropolis lies in the center of a prospering economic region, which generates the highest gross domestic product per employee in all of Germany. Stuttgart has a strong pull and this is made clear when considering the outstanding purchasing power that the region possesses. The 2018 retail report gives information on developments over past years and serves as a reliable source for retail investments. It offers a complete overview of all shopping locations within Stuttgart, showing rent prices, occupancy, and visitor frequency. The depth of information found here makes this publication absolutely unique.

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